My name is Joey Wittmann and I am a 3D Artist. I have been interested in 3D art ever since middle school when I was introduced to Google SketchUp. Being very interested in video games, I would sit at home and make my own "levels" made out of cubes and solid colors. Although these projects never left Google SketchUp I still enjoyed making them. Since I felt stuck not knowing how to go any further with other programs I took a break for a while until I found Blender in 2012. Inspired by the Blender Foundation's open movies I was eager to see what I could create, but at this point I still didn't really know what I was doing. It took me a while to develop a workflow with more than one program and once I did I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. I had always had a passion for mathematics and science, so it was not an easy decision.

Once I got to college I really started to pick up skills faster than ever before. My 3D modeling, animation, and just general design skills are leaps and bounds above where they were prior to starting school. In my free time I like to experiment with new mediums, such as VR, programming, photography, and web development. (This is my first full website.) Although I might not have the time to master any of those mediums, I feel a profound sense of accomplishment whenever I finish a project by myself, especially when it is something I didn't know I could do.

Whenever I'm not creating something on a computer I enjoy snowboarding, flying drones (I'm trying to branch into fpv racing/freestyle now), and of course video games. Although I'll play just about anything, I mostly enjoy games from a first person view. However, my all-time favorite will probably always be Roller Coaster Tycoon 1. It was the first game I played when I was still in preschool and I have many fond memories of playing it with my father.

Program Proficiency

Expert Blender, Gimp, After Effects
Skilled Maya, Photoshop, MEL
Competent Substance Painter, Unity, Dreamweaver, Krita, Illustrator, Java, C#, HTML
Novice Substance Designer, Unreal Engine, Android Studio, Python